I am not getting alerts in my mailbox

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I am not getting alerts in my mailbox

Postby deepika » Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:27 am

The possible reasons for non-delivery are

1) Invalid / Expired Email Subscription
Please login and check whether email address is valid and subscription has not expired.

2) Email in SPAM folder
Many times emails land up in spam nets or junk folders.
Every user wanting to receive the Email alerts must add alertsdesktop.com and business-alerts.com to their white lists so that incoming email alerts are not directed to spam / junk folder.
Each alert email has an Unsubscribe link at the bottom which immediately stops delivery to that email address. So, there is no possibility of sending SPAM using alerts channel.

3) Ensure adequate time for delivery
Unlike Desktop Alerts, Email Alerts are not instantaneous or fast, they take time to be sent and time to be received.
So, clients must not rely on them for fast and accurate delivery, rather they should be taken a second line of action in case user can not access its desktop but can access its email.
Please use longer Alert Expiry times so that while sending email alerts to a long queue of email addresses, alert doesn't get expired midway.
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