How do i send Alerts to Mobiles?

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How do i send Alerts to Mobiles?

Postby deepika » Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:44 pm

Alerts to Mobiles are sent in the form of SMS.

To be able to send SMS Alerts, you need to have pre-paid SMS Credits in your account. You can purchase SMS Credits from Buy SMS page under Account section. SMS packages are available in different denominations starting from 300 SMS pack to 50,000 SMS pack. Large volume packs offer significant discounts.

For any Group member to receive the SMS alert, you must add its full mobile no (country code + mobile no without prefixing any 0 or +) and enable it to receive SMS alerts by checking the check box next to SMS while adding the new member. For existing members, you can edit the member and add only the SMS Subscription in the form provided at the bottom.

To send SMS alerts, you just need to check the check box next to SMS on Send Alerts page and you will see an SMS Text box to fill in the SMS message. Please remember that SMS message length is restricted to maximum standard sms message i.e 160 characters. Any word more than 160 characters will be truncated.

Please refer to "Mobile Alert Topics" of this forum for more details.
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