What are Alert Templates ?

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What are Alert Templates ?

Postby deepika » Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:23 pm

Alert Templates are a feature to help the Alert Group Owners to keep Design elements of the Alert separate from the actual Alert Data.
So the Static Design Components like CSS, Font colors, Tables etc. can be put in the Template while only the actual Alert Message is send from the "Send Alerts" page.

Each Alert Group has a "default" template which just has a single word "$alert_message". This means that entire alert message is sent from the "Send Alert" page.

Alert Group Owner can create a New template which has all the design elements which it wants to appear in the final alert but it puts the word "$alert_message" in the place where actual alert message was there. Now, it can just select this template on the Send Alert page and write only the text of the alert message in the text box. System will substitute the "$alert_message" word in the template with the actual alert message and final alert message is constructed and sent.

So, Template is just a scaffolding into which Alert message (and other optional variables) are placed to create the Final Alert Message.
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