How i can i get started ?

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How i can i get started ?

Postby deepika » Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:15 am

To get started, you can first signup at this url

After signup, you will be taken to "New Alert Group" page where you can put in Desktop Application Title, Website URL, Application icons etc. If you do not have icons ready, you can still continue with default icons and get application ready. Later on, when you have the icons, you can re-customize the Alert group and add the new icons. There is no limit or charges on any number of re-customizations.

After entering all these values, you can click "Preview Alert Group" and then click "Confirm Alert Group" on the next page and you will see the Progess bar for the new application. Your application will be ready to be downloaded within few minutes.

You can download the application and install it. After installation, application will show Activation screen asking for Email and Password. Please DO NOT use your members area email and password for this because application is asking for Alert Group Member Email and Password.

So, in order to activate the application, you need to add yourself to as an Alert Group Member, click "Alert Group Members" and then "New Member" and add your email , any password and even mobile no etc. (in case you want to use SMS alerts later on) and click "Add Group Member". Now you can use this newly added email and password for activation of application.

For any new member who wants to receive your alerts, you can repeat this process of adding new member. In case you want to automate this addition, please look at API section of this form for "Custom Pages API"

Now, you can just click "Send Alerts" , write down the alert message and click "Send Alert"

That's it. It won't take more than 5 minutes to get everything going.
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