Website Design plus Features Update

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Website Design plus Features Update

Postby deepika » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:33 am

The improvements in this update includes

- Website Design update to increase area of website and to decrease clutter. Both general area and members area have been increased in dimensions.

- Many New pages have been added to General area like Facebook app, Administrator app, SMS coverage and Application help pages. Addition of these pages will reduce the queries about these services.

- Existing pages like Features page and Case Studies page have been updated to incorporate latest examples and links.

- New animations have been added to better explain alert software features.

- Members area Navigation bar has been Redesigned to make it more functional and modular and avoid long lengths which interfered with the page visibility.

- Direct shortcuts to the common tasks like Adding New Subscriber or Sending any Alert added to the common header section of members.

- New WYSIWYG editor has placed in the members area for designing new alerts and templates to replace the old editor which was giving problems to some of our members using Chrome and IE.

- Added ability to Change TRIAL to RECURRING Subscription so Campaign managers won't have to recreate subscription whenever any trial member converts into paid.

- Added ability to RENEW Subscription to any desired period in addition to the earlier subscribed one.

- Addition of Download Section to make easy for clients to find and download their applications.

NOTE: You may notice some display issues when you open new site for first time, that is because of browser caching old design. To refresh browser cache, just press F5 and browser shall fetch and refresh the display to give proper new look.

We will be updating more of the features based on members feedback, so kindly keep checking regularly the forums.

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