Desktop Alert Software

Our Notification Software offers all of the features which any business would desire to communicate quickly and efficiently with its customers. We provide one stop solution to all the instant communication needs of the various businesses.

  • Windows App: compatible with Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Linux App: compatible with RHEL, Ubuntu, Free BSD, Slackware and all distributions that have Java installed.
  • Mac App: compatible with Mac OS X or later

How does the Alert system works?

There are basically three steps to start using the alert system

  1. Create Alert Group: Here you can name your group and customize its application. On finishing this step, you will get the desktop application for the Alert Group.
  2. Create Alert Group Members: Here you can add Alert Group Members in Trial or Subscription Mode and then send these members the Desktop Application plus their Subscription details to activate the application.
  3. Start Sending Alerts: Now you can start sending alerts from members area / alert administrator desktop app / api as per your requirement
That's it. It just takes 5 minutes to get the whole process done.

Who needs our Alert software and would benefit from it?

  1. Business Portals wanting to push secure messages to clients in real time.
  2. Forex Signal Websites to push Urgent Forex Signals to their clients within seconds.
  3. Entertainment Portals to push latest news and gossip.
  4. News Portals wanting to push latest news to their subscribers.
  5. E-Commerce Portals wanting to push the latest deals to their customers.
  6. Job Portals wanting to push the Job Openings.
  7. Blood Banks to push alerts for rare blood groups.
  8. Contests / Polls Portals to push latest Events and Results.
  9. Financial Institutions to push latest reports.
  10. Membership websites wanting to push messages to their members.
  11. Educational Institutions to push latest happenings and events.
  12. Sports Portals to push latest matches and scores.
These are just the few examples otherwise every business and every website needs alert software as an integral part of their member communication.

What are the advantages of the Alert software and why should I use it?

  1. Most emails sent by a company lands up in recipient spam filters.
    Our Desktop alerts, on the other hand, faces no spam issues.
  2. Emails can often be forged thus leading to false identity and phishing attempts by unscrupulous people.
    There is no such issue with our Desktop Alerts.
  3. Many Customers frequently change their Email addresses thus preventing the delivery of your email.
    Our Desktop Alerts doesn't require any Email address to deliver your messages.
  4. Many Email Clients like Outlook may not show your message as you want it to how. Many Email Software will block the images thus rendering your message less appealing.
    Our Desktop Alerts will deliver your message as it is.
  5. Sending emails won't guarantee you that they will be read the same day or may not be read at all due to spam or bulk filters.
    Our Desktop Alerts will guarantee that messages will be delivered at the time you set.
  6. Using Emails, you can't have good Audit of messages read by your members.
    Our Desktop Alerts gives full Audit and Stats on Application installed, Messages sent and Messages Read.
  7. Emails can't be used to build upon your brand identity since it is generic medium.
    But our Customized Desktop Alerts will make your Brand always visible on customers desktop and help immensely in building up your brand's image.
These are just some of advantages of Desktop Alerts over plain old Emails.
SMS alerts are useful for members who don't have access to the desktops at that moment.
Email alerts are also provided so that members who don't have access to their computers and cell phones can receive alert in their email.

What are the technical details of the working of desktop alerts?

  1. Application Tier: This comprises the application installed on client / customer computer. This is small application less than 1 MB which is easy to install. This application interacts with Interface Tier
  2. Interface Tier: This is intermediate tier which acts as an bridge between Server Tier and Application Tier. This leads to improved reliability and better bandwidth efficiency. Application Tier contacts this tier for any new messages at periodic intervals
  3. Server Tier: This is tier which is responsible for managing messages to be sent on alerts network. This is fully redundant and scalable to allow for any contingency. Interface Tier is in constant contact with this tier for modulation and delivery of messages
Usually, Interface Tier and Server Tier are located at our server facilities, but in case of the enterprise, we can allow these to be hosted on the enterprise servers.

Desktop Application Demo Videos

Desktop App Demo for Windows


Desktop App Demo for Mac


Desktop App Demo for Linux