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desktop alerts

Desktop Alerts

Our Desktop Alert Notification service delivers the alert messages on your customer's computer screens within few seconds ensuring timely delivery of your messages.

Twitter Alerts

Social Alerts

Our Social Networking app deliver your alert message across many social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and many Forums websites thus maximizing the reach and impact of your alert messages.

Alerts API

Alerts API

Alerts API enables you to do everything from customer registration to actual sending of alerts right from your website or from custom pages or even from your own desktop.

mobile alerts

Mobile Alerts

Our Mobile Alert application delivers the alert messages on your customer's mobile phones as SMS within few seconds ensuring that your mobile customers do not miss out on important alerts.

intranet alerts

Intranet Alerts

For companies and institutions who want to use Alert service internally on the network, we have the product which can be installed on intranet server and which delivers alerts to machines on the network.

custom notifications

Custom Notification

In case, your requirements are not fulfilled by existing features, we are prepared to customize everything including software to achieve the desired functionality.

email notification

Email Alerts

Our Email Notification delivers alert messages in your customer's inbox also so that those customers who can't access desktop or mobile at that time do not miss out on important alerts.

alerts admin app

Desktop Admin

This is a Desktop Software to send Alerts right from your desktop to your clients without taking the trouble of logging into the main members area, saves lot of time to send a quick alert..

Non Profit Services

Non Profit Service

We provide our alert software free of cost to Education Institutions, Healthcare facilities, Charity Organizations and other Non Profit Organizations.