Desktop Alert Members Area Demo

Live Demo Login for the Members area

Here you can see the members area without creating a New Account. Just Login to members area using the below information

Username: alertdemo
Password: alertdemo

Desktop Alert Application Demo

Desktop Alert Demo Software for Installation

Here you can see how the desktop application will work for your customers. Steps to download and run Desktop Alert Software Demo:

Step 1. Download the demo application from links below. Please check that application is digitally signed by Sangranet Technologies to verify authenticity.

Windows Desktop Application: Download here
Mac Desktop Application: Download here
Linux Desktop Application: Download here

Step 2. Install the application into your computer.

Step 3. Run the application and activate it using Username: "" and Password:"demo".

Within a short while, you will receive few of our company alerts just to see how this application works.

After registration, you will be able to create your own Alert Group(s) and its Customized Branded Desktop Alert Software. You will have Full Access to Control Panel to manage the group members and their alerts.